Natalia has been a cardio dance instructor for 10 years and is known for her innovative technique, outgoing personality, high energy and contagious happiness. 

From a young age dancing has always been an outlet for joy and expression. Natalia grew up in a Mexican/Italian household that was constantly surrounded by music and dancing. At the family's annual New Years Eve party, her and her two sisters would always choreograph dances to their favorite songs and perform for all the guests.

Dancing didn’t stop outside the home; it was an integral part of her life that weaved into every component of her surroundings. Natalia performed in many plays and musicals in High School, where she was able to combine her love for dance and theatre arts. After graduating from Baylor University, she discovered her love for teaching and taught elementary school for 6 years. After receiving her Masters in Educational Leadership, she transitioned to an administrative position helping guide teachers to do what she loved most. It came as no surprise that within her first year of teaching Natalia found that teaching dance was going to be one of the most rewarding experiences she would have. After 6 months of taking group exercise classes she auditioned to become an instructor and was hired. By day she taught students and by night, fitness. Her classes began as Salsa Moves, transitioned to Latin Spice and finally Cardio Dance Party. In 2009 Natalia filmed a workout video called Dance Fusion where she was able to showcase her style and choreography. Natalia and TJ crossed paths during one of her classes and they quickly realized they shared almost identical passions for fitness through dance. Together, they joined forces and created the perfect prescription for health and fitness through RX Moves!